michael fernandes


So this was like, 1962, and ahm... I was living in Montreal and I had an apartment with this landlord that, that told me that anytime I wanted to go to the country, ah... here are the keys to the cottage he has. So... actually it was nine... 1961, yeah, 1961, okay. It was my first year in Canada. And um... you know I say, "okay that's great, that's wonderful of you..." and ah...

I had a friend, ah, in school, I was in art school. I had a friend in art school, Gary, who told me that, ah, he loved the country, he loved nature. And ah I was good friends with him and I knew that he had that relationship with the outdoors and stuff. And he had this incredible ah... It was like ah... What's that Boewy character called? The guy with the... It's a folklore hero. Not Jim Boewy, but something...

Paul Bunyan?

Paul Bunyan? He had this jackknife. It was like a Boewy knife, dunno. I used to look at it and it was in a leather sack and stuff. He, he was a, you know, outdoor-type guy. And ah, I said "Gary, you know, my landlord gave me this place and... keys to go to this place, so if anytime you want to go to the country, we should go." So he said, "Okay let's go."

So we, we rented a car, and we went. And ah, Gary was married, so Gary and Lucy, that's the couple, and myself would go to the country. And we get there around... one-thirty at night, one. And ah, so it was stark black, couldn't see anything. And we dropped our stuff down in the cottage and we decided to, ah, go for a walk in surrounding area. So we go for this walk, and ah, we get to this clearing, and, and I'm first in line and Gary's behind me and Lucy, walking single file. Get to this clearing, and I notice this ah flying saucer sitting in this field. Bright lights and everything. So, I look back, I look back at Gary and he was, his mouth was gaping like, everybody was shocked like, "Are we seeing this?" like "Is this for real or what?" And ah, we were just totally taken by surprise. And it's, it's like bright bright bright bright field of light around. And it's definitely saucer-like, and just like, it's a flying saucer. And we're frozen, we're looking at it, looking at it, looking. Then it takes off. It go aways. Then it... skips. Not a sound. All this happened. And I would say, it was like ah, maybe 200 yards away from us. Zoom. Zipped off. And watch it, watch it... I was shaking. So then we decided to turn around, go back to the cottage. And we go back to the cottage, and we made some tea, and we sat down. And... discussed it. Everybody was freaked.
And then, years later, to this very day, you know, when, when, ah um, you go out, and you have... people start talking about UFOs, I put that out on the table. That's my experience. I tell them about this time, right? So I would have done this over the years.

And then, you know, I'd say about ten years ago, I started thinking, "Whoa, would I ever love to see Gary, would I ever love to see Gary, I would like, I have to find out, you know, what this experience, check it with him again."

So ah, one day I was in a drawing class, at NSCAD. And I, it was the first day, and there were twenty people in that class. I was taking role call. And I was approaching this, the next student on the list. And ah, I didn't look at the person particular, but as I came towards them I had this distinct feeling, ah like a déjà-vu. A remembrance. Something, it's like, very familiar. So the student, I remember, broke the silence. He's the one who look up and said, "Are you okay, are you alright?"
And I said, "You won't believe this, man."
He kinda pulled me down, and he says, I said, "You won't believe thi..."
And he said wha... He said...
"For some reason, as I approached you, without even knowing who you are..." I still don't know who he is, whatever. "I got this strong, strong feeling that you were somebody I knew."
So he said, ah, "Well who?"
I said, ah, "Well, his name was, an old friend, his name is Gary."
And he said, "Gary? That's my father."
I said, "That's your father? Gary is your..."
"Yeah that's my fath..."
I said, "Whoa, where is he?" Hadn't seen him for thirty years, something, thirty-five years. I said, "Where, where's your dad?"
Forty years. Cause this just happened, I think, four years ago. So I said "Where is ah, where's your dad?"
Said, "He's out in Doorocks[?]"
I said, "Man I got to talk to him. Could you give me his phone number and stuff."

I got his phone number. I phoned him up. It was Gary. I said, "Gary, can I come out. I want to interview you. I'm coming out there with a camera. I just want to interview you, man. I just want to get something. Is that okay?"
"Yea, yeah."
So we, I go there. I meet him at a corner grocery on the highway. I come with a camera. We sit down. First time we have seen each other for forty years, thirty year, thirty-five year. Forty years. Something like that. Cause this was '61 and we're now talking about 2000-something. So I meet with him and I say, "Gary, remember that time we went, ahm, on that trip into the country and we saw UFO. Flying saucer?"
And he started laughing. Started laughing. And I said, "What happened then?"
He said, "Well I remember, I remember... an incident. I remember you saw something, but I didn, I didn't see it."
I said, "You didn't see it?"
"No, no no, I didn't see it. But I remember you being spooked, and then we got spooked."
I said, "What did you remember?"
"Well I remember something happened. Went for a walk, yeah, something happened... And um, I, we came back to the house. And you, ah, you remember? And we pitched a tent, it was very cold. We pitched a tent in the cabin. And we all went asleep.
"And ahm, I remember you, at one point, I got up," he said, "then I got up and I said, 'Here they come again! Here they come again! Here they come again!'
"Everybody was spooked out. Everybody was sleeping in, three of us, everyone, we all had our individual sleeping bags. So," he said, "you remember that?"
I said, "No..."
"Here they come again here they come again... Yeah that sounds familiar. That sounds familiar."
And it indeed did. And I said, "Yeah!"
So I said, "What were you doing there?"
He said, "Well, I was trying to relive the situation, the feeling, but to tell you the truth, I never saw the ah, the flying saucer. But I knew you saw something. You were spooked. But I'll tell you what I remember. I remember when I went to pick you up. And that's it. You were living on, on ah, it was on Sherbrooke St. You were living in a studio at the corner of Sherbrooke and Peel. I came and it was traffic and you came out to the car and you were brushing your teeth. And ahm, somebody tried to run you over. Or there was some car that was madly coming down the street, and you were in its way. And you told the guy, 'Take care man, I'm brushing my teeth.'
"You were, and I was in the car and I heard that, and I thought that was funny. And ahm, when you came into the car, you had a bottle in your jacket. And I said, 'What's in that bottle?'
"And you said it was olive oil. And that was the first time that I ever saw olive oil."
That's what Gary said. "So I ask," and he said, "And I ask you what was olive oil for, and you told me it was an old remedy. You put it all over your body before you go for a swim.
And ah, he said, "I remember when we went, when we got to the cottage in the day. And we did go in the lake. And you covered yourself with olive oil and you went into the water."
I'm looking at him and I said, "I don't remember any of this."
"So you can't remember..."
I said, "No, I don't remember."
I said, "I remember the UFO."
He said, "Well I don't remember..."

Okay. So. Stop that part of it.
Then I said, "I gotta get in... where's Lucy?"
Where's his wife. He gave me where his wife was. So I go and meet her. So I go and I meet Lucy on her own, separately. So I take a recorder again.
I said, "Lucy, remember the time we went in the country and stuff. And we went to this place. We saw, the walk, and we went and I saw a UFO and you guys were with me and stuff?"
"No," she said, "no I don't remember at all. I don't remember at all."
I said, "What do you remember?"
I said, she ah, "I remember we were in a tent. And in the middle of the night we were, we were all awoken. We were awakened by something. Something was happen. We awoke and there we, all three of us came up and we were in our separate sleeping bag and we came out and we look. And in the middle of the tent, there was a wolf standing there."
She, "D'you remember that?"
She said, "Yeah!"
I said, "And what does the wolf do?"
"Walked around, and then walked the door... The front of the tent was open. Walked out into the room and then disappeared."
She said, "You don't remember that?"

My story.