lindsey nolan

I used to deal with the stress/anger/constant worry of my mom having cancer by driving her piece-of-shit topaz out to the country and driving as fast as I could. the following happened three (THREE) times. the car is speeding at 120-160 km/h down a dirt road. a rabbit runs in front of the car. the rabbit DOESN'T MOVE AT ALL despite its impending doom, and somehow, when I slam on the brakes, (on a dirt road) I don't swerve off the road or fishtail or anything. the car stops - pretty much on a dime, about five inches from the rabbit - and the rabbit is STILL fucking sitting there, not moving, just staring straight ahead. to this day, i wish there were someone with me so they could back this story up. whenever I tell it to someone (not often), they call me a liar, or some variant of liar. the fact that it happened three times is the real kicker.