Upon returning to Hong Kong after 15 years, the following text was written.

The distance between one’s experience and the experience of another.
The distance between experience and its representation, specifically through language.
The distance between a historical event and the historical statement through which this event is interpreted.
The distance between the memory of a friend and their tangible presence.
The distance between a song’s point of transmission and point of reception
The distance between the territory occupied at present and a territory of belonging.

It became necessary to sonically articulate the distance described in this text. The “instrument” was simply a contact mic and some piano wire stretched across and leading out of a studio. The room where this materialized became a platform for performances by Anahita Jamali Rad, Alize Zorlutuna, and Amelia Ehrhardt.

performance by alize zorlutuna

performance by anahita jamali rad

performance by anahita jamali rad

studio party — instrument for a distant room