I used to have these strong feelings that some disasters are about to happen. The bad feelings just came to me all of a sudden. Stayed on my mind constantly. In all instances, they were plane crashes. I can remember at least 2 such disasters: one- kind of came by me in a dream; the feeling stayed with me for the whole while & a day or two after, I heard about the crash. It was a big one with lots of death. I think it was somewhere in the States - midwest. Another such feeling came to me one day while I was in the kitchen in London. I think this one came not too long after the first one. Same kind of uneasiness the whole while until I heard the news. This third one is kind of weird. I haven't had this feeling for a long time; then, a few weeks back, it just came to me like "Oh! There haven't been any plane crashes lately" & a few hours after that feeling, I heard of another one. I think it was on a Saturday. I never told anybody until now, to you. I can't make much out of this; except I don't really want these thoughts coming to me if I can. But then, I have no control over this.